Behind the Lens

Iowa has been my home for nearly my entire life, and it is a beautiful place to live.  However, I did not appreciate that until I became interested in landscape photography.  With the intent to make artist photographs, I ventured out into the country side and discovered Iowa's unique beauty.  Whether it was corn tassels back-lit by the rising sun or cattails in a snow-filled ditch, beauty surrounded me.  I just needed to slow life down and look around.  Experiencing a sense of wonder by the natural world was not dependent on traveling far and wide.  Iowa's ninety-nine counties have plenty to behold.  Therefore, I spend the majority of my photographic experiences in the Iowa county side.  I find no greater pleasure than wondering around Iowa, and making photographs of my experiences of its majesty.   My hope is that as you experience Iowa in my photographs you too will wonder around and personally experience Iowa majesty.

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